Team Eighteen is the Senior Spokesmodel program for Class of 2018!


Boise will have a team of 8-10 seniors, depending on how many applications we receive.

What does it mean to be a Senior Spokesmodel?

I am looking for junior girls (and guys) in the Boise area who would would love to represent Ellen Hansen Seniors for the 2018 school year! I am looking for girls who value kindness, community, art, and the environment, are aren’t afraid to follow their dreams! It is my first priority to celebrate diversity and inner beauty. By being on Team Eighteen, you will get to do a group photoshoot to kick off the summer + senior year, as well as a few other events and shoots throughout the year. It’s your job to spread the word about Ellen Hansen seniors on social media + at school to your friends and serve as a positive role model. Read more below.


PLEASE NOTE: you do NOT have to apply for Team Eighteen to have me take your senior portraits! This is a special senior rep program. Just go to to get info for your Class of 2018 senior portraits without applying for Team Eighteen. Class of 2017 is still booking and you can contact me for that at


  • Exclusive spokesmodel group photo shoot late Spring 2017 to kick off summer and Senior Year
  • Other group shoots and events throughout the year
  • Be the face of Ellen Hansen Seniors for Class of 2018
  • Web size files from all group shoots–you get extra photos!
  • Refer your friends: get rewarded with $50 of product credit towards your own shoot or a $5 gift card (Dutch Bros, anyone?) for every senior that books through you.
  • BONUS: If you are an aspiring photographer in high school, I will serve as a mentor and you will be able to ask me any questions about photography, from business to shooting and editing.



  • Must book a senior session with Ellen Hansen Seniors and pay a $200 retainer, which is put towards your session
  • Commit to at least 5 social media posts throughout the year on up to three social outlets
  • Be willing to get out of your comfort zone and make new friends by attending our group shoots and any other events.
  • Pass out senior promo cards to your friends + peets
  • Be a positive role model during your senior year (just be a good person, deal?)




Do I have to book my own senior session with Ellen Hansen Seniors?

Yes, Team Eighteen is only open to clients. If you are selected, you will be asked to make a $200 deposit.

Why do I have to pay $200?

This is a retainer that goes TOWARDS your OWN senior shoot. It is how you secure your session date. The Class of 2018 session fee total is $450 including hair and makeup, so after your deposit, all that is left is $250. Please note that this does NOT include digital images or products. Prints and more are ordered at your own in person ordering session, which takes place 2-3 weeks after your shoot. You can expect to invest a total of $800-$1,500 in your entire senior portrait experience. Payment plans are available. This is not any higher than other full-service senior photographers in town.

What if I can’t afford senior portraits?

I will award a giveaway session to one of the Senior Spokesmodels in Boise, Idaho! This will be a 1 outfit shoot. The winner will also get photos from the group shoot. You can enter the giveaway at the end of your Spokesmodel application.

As a senior rep, do I get discounts?

Yes, sort of! You get 1) extra photos from the group shoot and 2) $50 of product credit for every referral. So, if you get 4 people  from your school or 4 friends to book using your name, you get $200 towards whatever you want, from prints to your digital collection! There is no limit to your referral credit.

Can you tell me about this years group shoot?

Think an open field, mountains in the distance, the smell of fresh pine trees, and maybe a picnic…but I don’t want to give away too may details! 😉

What other events will there be?

Besides the group shoot, other mini group shoots will be added throughout the year as I see fit. We will work as a team to come up with ways to have fun and positively impact the community when we can. Ideas: studio photoshoot, themed holiday (winter) shoots, hosting an instameet, group volunteer locally, charity event, go on a hike or trip, help each other with college applications? 😉 I have lots of ideas that I would discuss in person! We will only do things that everyone supports and is excited about. The only mandatory event is the first group shoot.

What does the deposit go towards?

100% of the deposit goes towards your own personal senior session, so you are not paying anything extra. However, it is non refundable. You will get to book your session early.

Can I be photographed by other people?

Yes! As long as you commit to sharing your photos with Ellen Hansen Seniors, you are totally cool to do photoshoots with your friends.

More questions? Feel free to email me,

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