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featured shoots , December 11, 2014

First time shooting in studio! I met my new twin and photo buddy Hailey through instagram (FOLLOW HER) and we needed to shoot together ASAP! I had also been dying to try out studio, so we conquered that first together. She brought along her friend Maddie (the first two test shots) and we jammed out to Taylor Swift’s new album and had a blast! You may recognize Jade and Angelica…I love both of them as friends and as models, they are always down to experiment and are so laid back and made the process easier for me.

I found that time was definitely an issue–we had 2 hours, but with both Hailey and I shooting, both newbies, and as well as setting up and taking down, that time felt like barely anything. If I were to do it again, I would have spent less time on the same lighting setup and would have switched it way up. I also found that editing studio vs. natural light is a different game–I was messing more with the color and less with exposure. There was so many options…do I go cold or warm? Dramatic or soft? I stuck with “in-between” for most of these. Chances are I will go back, re-edit, and play around more when I have time. In the end, I learned a lot and am so glad I got to meet Hailey and Maddie!

I cannot wait to set up a studio of my own in my room and experiment like crazy…it will go from my bedroom to a studio with a bed and I am looking forward to getting lots of new faces and lighting setups for  my portfolio.

Special thanks to Eric Raptosh for letting me use his camera while mine is gone and Nena Earl for the studio space and help setting up!

Models: Angelica H. & Jade Lilly
Hair, makeup, & styling all done by models themselves.
Lighting: One continuous softbox positioned to the upper left.


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