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featured shoots , February 15, 2015

Skylar Schossberger with NIYA Models
Makeup by Tea Nelson
practicing studio lighting! Used my grey chalkboard wall.


although this was shot at the very beginning of 2015, i am editing and blogging this in 2017. i think one big thing that i have gotten better at since then is being able to cull my shoots and pick which photos to tell a story. my problem is that I always give them ALL the benefit of the doubt. Like, “what if it look sreally good when i edit it?? but what about this and this and that?” and i just find the good things in it even if my inital reaction wasn’t “love.”

but you know what… don’t waste your time doing that. im not going to any more. cull as fast as you can, and cull with your GUT. Go over the complete set. if something doesnt ADD to the story, remove it. You can always find what you’re missing in the end. but all you really need is 1-5 good shots per shoot, if even. After time it becomes 1 good one every 10 shoots. so its probably better to shoot more and pick less images and edit those the BEST you can instead of picking more and wasting time on images that aren’t going to see the light of day.
but what about what the model wants? what if she likes her face more in this one? or this one? oh my god, just create a proofing gallery of unedited photos (or lightly) and send them to her and have her pick 1-5 she absolutely has to have for her portfolio. then you wont waste your time asking yourself questions you can’t answer. just pray she doesnt screenshot them and post them anywhere.

ok, moving on. anyways, i know skylar a lot better than this first shoot so I feel like I can better choose photos that are genuine and show her personality. I am better not just because of who I am as a photographer, but because I have a deeper relationship with the subject.  I can cull through photos and say, “oh, THAT is real”

Thats one of the best things about being a photographer. You form a relationship with everyone you work with. So even if you’re one of those awkward people that never has real friends, you still don’t miss out completely. Photography allows to you effortlessly be apart of other lives by just being yourself. I love photography because it allows me to participate in the world with purpose. When I have a camera in my hand is when I finally feel like I belong.

With that being said, here are photos of skylar, during one of my first times trying studio.

SkylarStudioJan2015-22 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-33 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-29 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-26 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-21 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-14 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-28 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-15 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-19 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-11 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-23 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-12 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-13 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-10 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-8 copy_Stomped-1.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-4 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-6 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-3 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-1 copy_Stomped.jpg
SkylarStudioJan2015-2 copy_Stomped.jpg

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