Savannah | The Springs

featured shoots , December 13, 2014

Well, there was only about 10 minutes of shooting. The pool is a hot springs, so that was nice…but the 40 degree weather around it? Not so much. Especially in a bikini, trying to avoid getting the colorful kids swimming around in your frame, with a camera that isn’t yours. But hey–we got something! If Savannah had been here longer we would done a full pool shoot, timed out with hair and makeup and perfected wardrobe and location–everything to one-up what we did last summer and more! But this weekend was more about relaxation…huge, warm caramel drenched brownies, steam, and Idaho pine tree views. Ahhh.

Without any doubt, I would not be the same person, or photographer, without Savannah. June 2013 she moved to Boise and stayed for 5 months. Before then the only portraits I had done were of my sister. The concept of photographing a pretty girl for pure portrait and fashion’s sake was foreign beyond even daydreams to me at the time. But when I saw the light in Savannah’s room hitting her face, I felt something…a mix between uncharted land, vogue, and “What the hell am I doing?” We took some photos in her bedroom and out at the pool…I loved what captured that day and it made me realize how much I love photographing human beings. Plus, Savannah is a kick-butt friend, and somehow, she is always right.

There’s a throwback gallery from the pool photos at the bottom of this post…as well as hearts that fly…CHECK IT.

PS I used my step-dad’s Nikon because I didn’t have my camera (THANKS BILL), but I wish I had been able to use it. Nope, Nikon has not phased me.

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