Savannah | Swan Falls

friends , December 12, 2014

Last Saturday my best friend Savannah was here from Philly and and we thought it’d be cool to head out on an adventure with a couple other friends to somewhere neither of us had never been…Swan Falls! We just barely missed sunset but it was a fun adventure nonetheless. I was mesmerized by the little building at the bottom of the damn and it’s orange lights–not sure why–but I will definitely be going back on a brighter, warmer day for a set up shoot that will take me down there as well. I am in love with the variety of views we have just an hour from Boise for sure.

Shot with my step-dads Nikon (I’m still a Canon girl, but my 6D is gone right now) and a 52mm lens that was originally meant for a 35mm film camera…who knows when it was from! Thank you, Bill!

Enjoy the winter winds below!

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