ps: note to self

A series of reflection based advice, to myself and open to the world. if a specific shoot inspired the note, it will be linked in the date.


jun 4 – form relationships before, during, and after photographing someone. real relationships that aren’t related to the photographs. like, who are you, how do you do?

june 4 – don’t make anyone sit in the same post for so long. it never helps.

june 4 – questions to ask at shoots – tell me about the happiest person you know. tell me about the strongest person you know. who is someone you admire? why? how is your relationship with your mom? yeah? what is your favorite thing about her? what about your dad? what’s the most peaceful memory that comes to mind? what is your earliest childhood memory?

june 4 – going through old photos and editing them, and since they are old the only relevance is really that i have to process them. its like, ok ellen, only pick the bangers, just the bangers. why couldn’t have i just done that 2 years ago?


june 4 – dont cut people off at their joints

june 4 – as a photographer you have to be an incubator for whatever you want your photos to be. genuine moments and beautiful color palettes don’t create themselves.


june 4 – you’re a hand cop. watch the hands. they can make or break a photograph.


june 4 – let the model do their thing for christ’s sake don’t be a control freak


june 4 – you are better than you think you are

june 4 – you aren’t as good as you think you are but it’s ok


june 4 – you are aweosme; this is great; good vibes only




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