Molly | she graduated!

journal , May 22, 2017

My sister, Molly, graduated from High School! This also leaves me in disbelief that I graduated 2 years ago. Thinking about the passage of time really freaks me out, but a lot of good has happened, so I’m content.

First, a party at home with the family, and then two days later, the big ceremony! Mostly photos of my 2 sisters below. 🙂

Molly grad party15_Stomped.jpg
Molly grad party3_Stomped.jpg
Molly grad party2_Stomped.jpg
Molly grad party27_Stomped.jpg
Molly grad party26_Stomped.jpg
Molly grad party24_Stomped.jpg
she thinks she can be grumpy

Molly grad party5_Stomped.jpg
and then it doesn’t work! aha!

Molly grad party9_Stomped.jpg

Molly grad party12_Stomped.jpg
also, enjoying messing with Molly’s hair?

Molly grad party20_Stomped.jpg
Molly grad party21_Stomped.jpg

Molly grad party13_Stomped.jpg
Molly grad party30_Stomped.jpg

And then, the real deal!

Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-11_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-12_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-14_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-15_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-18_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-19_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-21_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-26_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-28_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-31_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-32_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-33_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-36_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-40_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-43_Stomped.jpg
Molly Borah 2017 Graduation-44_Stomped.jpg

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