Celeste | Morning Run

featured shoots , November 22, 2014

The first of many mini-sessions Celeste and I did for her senior pictures. My 4th and 5th grade bff flew me allllllll the way to Las Vegas to stay with her and create them! I’m still speechless with gratitude and so thankful for how great of a time we had. This particular shoot was…

 Spontaneous and cold. Not your average senior portraits. We probably should have gotten up sooner for better light, but that would have required going to bed earlier. Teenagers going to bed earlier than usual? Not gonna happen.

Yes, her eyes are REAL and they are BEAUTIFUL. Retouching was very minimal…Celeste could be a makeup artist if she wanted to, but she’s gonna follow her heart go be a singing superstar…watch out, world! Oh how I love her. :’)

A huge thank you to Sean Galloway for the gear.

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